The université
of Sherbrooke

Fertile ground for future innovative entrepreneurs

In November of 2015, Université de Sherbrooke adopted an Innovation, Partnership and Entrepreneurship (IPE) strategy aimed at achieving positive spinoffs for Quebec and Canada at large.

The strategy consists in creating an ecosystem that stimulates entrepreneurship and innovation via concrete measures in conjunction with an unprecedented effort to rally the university community. The strategy has given rise to many unique initiatives, such as:

In addition to these initiatives, Université de Sherbrooke boasts leading research and support infrastructure that facilitates collaboration between the worlds of research and industry, for example:

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Université de Sherbrooke strives to expand its economic spinoffs by establishing practices that encourage and facilitate the lives of future entrepreneurs and by working closely with ACET to create the businesses of tomorrow.

Being admitted to the ACET program provides access to this unique ecosystem that accelerates startup development and adds value to your background as an entrepreneur.